The Products You Will Need For The Detox

Once you're registered for the program, you will need your detox tools!

Earth Greens, Super Reds & Bee Naturals (Optional)

Follow these instructions :

Buy as a retail customer (no sign up required)

Add to your cart the following:

1 Earth Greens
1 Super Reds
1 bottle of the Bees


You can register as a wholesale customer and save
(no monthly commitment required

* Click join and save
* Click Compare benefits
* Click brand partner
* Fill in your information
* Select the red green my body's clean package


Why I use CBD Oil during the detox? ( Included in your purchase)
Cannabinoids promote homeostasis at every level of biological life, from the sub-cellular to the organism.So basically CBD communicates with our body’s main command center to keep things running as they should.  It aids in the detoxification process, will help curb hunger, balance blood sugar,  improve sleep, stabilize your mood, improve digestion and elimination. ( special discounted bottle and shipping included in the detox price tag)

I recommend using magnesium chloride during the detox program. Why?

We are so deficient in it, secondly it helps to neutralize and eliminate toxins. ( The Blend Restore Included in your purchase)

The Blend Restore 

Coffee Enema Supplies

Enama bag   or  Enema glass bucket  or  Stainless steal bucket

Organic certified toxic free coffee

If you are looking to purchase a juicer or a blender, here are my top picks. 



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