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'The Blend' is Changing Lives

'The Blend' Difference

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60 Medical Terpenes

9 Beneficial Drivers

Nano Emulsified

Full Spectrum

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The Terpenes

These fragrant oils, found in the flower’s sticky resin glands, act as the plant’s natural immune system, protecting it from bacteria, natural predators and environmental stresses. Terpenes play a large role in CBD’s medicinal and therapeutic effectiveness. Terpenes enhance a CBD’s effectiveness, helping reduce inflammation, calm the central nervous system and assist in bringing the body to homeostasis.


A big buzz word in the CBD industry is ‘The Entourage Effect’. This very beneficial effect happens when a cannabis/hemp product contains a combination of compounds that are naturally present in the plant. When this occurs, something magical happens; we do not end up with the sum of the parts but rather a multiplying effect. Several CBD companies claim to have The Entourage Effect, however that is not possible without having both an array of cannabinoids and terpenes. ‘The Blend’ contains a proprietary blend of 60 terpenes. These naturally healing terpenes work in conjunction with cannabinoids, allowing you to experience the true benefit and healing power of ‘The Entourage Effect’.

Sixty (60) terpenes have carefully been selected to enhance ‘The Blend’ making it a truly unique product that is superior to CBD alone. 5 most prevalent Terpenes found in this Blend are:

The Nutritional Drivers

The ‘drivers’ found in The Blend assist the body to absorb and utilize CBD within the endocannabinoid system. We’ve chosen the following ‘drivers’ and consider them main factors driving the bioavailabilty of CBD to maximize your experience.

Powerful benefits for your body and brain, relieves nausea, improves brain function, relieves pain, improves cardiovascular system, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, cancer prevention, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial

Extracted from the seeds of black cumin, boosts the immune system, suppresses appetite, relieves pain, reduces inflammation, fights infections, has anti-bacterial properties

Loaded with antioxidants, reduces inflammation, beneficial effect on blood sugar, balances hormones, reduces cholesterol, calming, reduces risk of heart disease, reduces pain and inflammation, anti-bacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, insom

Reduces inflammation, enhances memory, increases circulation and heart health, reduces anxiety and stress, has protective effect on the brain, has a positive effect on mood, excellent for cognitive and mental function, powerful antioxidant

A natural anti-inflammatory, potent antioxidant, helps calm anxiety, relieves pain, improves memory retention and alertness, asthma bronchodilator, reduces inflammation, lower risk of heart disease

Alleviates headaches, indigestion, cramps, reduces symptoms of nausea, improves memory, enhances mood and energy, appetite suppressant, controls blood sugar, improves circulation

A powerhouse for immunity, builds up bodily resistance to viruses and bacteria, known to increase white blood cell count and stimulate the production of antibodies, builds and restores overall health to the body

Powerful and potent antioxidant, increase energy, energizing, restores wellbeing, reduces inflammation, supresses appetite, manages blood sugar

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Supports bone health, reduces pain and inflammation, aids in digestive health, supports cardiovascular health, promotes gentle detoxifying, improves red blood cell formation, helps balance blood sugar levels, antibacterial properties 

andntioxidant properties 

Full Spectrum

‘The Blend’ is a true Full spectrum CBD containing all the cannabinoids and terpenes found naturally in the plant (even trace amounts of Reign in very low concentrations) More commonly in the CBD market are Isolate products marketed as “full spectrum”. An isolate is an isolated compound (CBD in this case) that is extracted from and does not include the other cannabinoids and lacks the entourage effect.

This chart highlights the different cannabinoids and their benefits and address different health concerns. Studies between a full spectrum and isolated CBD show a full spectrum was more effective and provided greater relief. Research supports the use of full spectrum extract as a superior choice over CBD isolate.

'The Blend' Benefits

Improve sleep

Calm the mind (ADD ADHD)

Decrease Anxiety

Improve Focus

Boost Your Mood

Reduce Inflammation

Eliminate Pain

Improve Cardiovascular System

Balance Blood Sugar

Strengthen Bones

Boost Digestion

Reduce Stress

Improve Tremors

Strengthen Your Immune System


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