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The body can’t heal and release toxins without being restored. Think about building a home, you wouldn’t start with the electricity and plumbing. You start by clearing the area and laying the foundation. The human body is the same. We have to start with the gut, destroy the fungus and parasites, cleansing the body as a whole. These phases are the foundations of achieving homeostasis.

Everyday we’re surrounded by toxins, environmental pollution and the daily use of thousands of chemicals. You pair that with poor nutrition and polluted drinking water and we have a body that’s heavily depleted in vitamins and minerals. The  perfect recipe for illness, leaky gut, parasites , bad microbes and pathogens , a clogged lymphatic system and one liver trying to keep up with it all.

I use a variety of modalities throughout the program, including but not limited to:

  • Nutrition

  • Organic Herbs 

  • CBD Oil

  • Essential oils

  • Safe heavy metal detoxing 

  • Organic and wildcrafted wholefood live supplements 

  • Minerals 


My custom programs are built in stages, and designed per client. The goals is to work from the inside out.  The personal attention I provide in these programs, is unlike any other practitioner. I’m basically your personal concierge through the entire program and beyond. The Internet has allowed me to build my practice virtually and work with people worldwide. 

These programs require commitment and determination to be healthy. I provide all the knowledge , tools and support, but you hold the power to drive the program to success. 

If you are ready to transform, then it’s time to consider my customized program. My monthly client acceptance is strick.

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